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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gearing up for Spring

I'm betting that this October snowstorm is going to be a dud.
All of the meteorologists are saying it could be a record breaking 10 inches or so.  That always puts the whammy on a storm.... when the weathermen get all hyped up about it.
I figured that I had the month of November at the very least to fix my snowblower, having broken the shear pins last year, and then ordering two sets on Amazon that didn't fit.  There has to be one dealer around here who has the right freaking shear pin size!
Course... a shovel and a little manual labor should do the trick in this non-event.  I can't imagine that this stuff will accumulate and stick to the ground this early in the year.  Which is a reason to believe that this might be the real thing.
Actually, I could care less whether we get hit or not.   I have four wheel drive, winter boots and my ski jacket close by.  And Joanne still can wield a mean snow shovel.
Whatever happens.... spring is right around the corner.  Happy Halloween.

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