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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Republican Metabolism

No news day.
Gov. Chris Christie of NJ seems like a straight talking politician.  I was watching Keith Oberman on MSNBC last night and Keith was coming up with all sorts of reasons why Christie shouldn't run for President, which makes me think that the Looney Lefties are afraid of this.
That alone is reason to back Christie, although it's a little weak.  And No... I wouldn't be supporting him just because he is a fellow Fat Man.  As a Fat Guy, I see no reason why his weight should be an issue... metabolism is not an ideology
Other than that, I have to head out to Littleton, MA today to pull a Builidng Permit for one of Nanepashemet Telecom's clients.   The best thing about driving to Littleton is that I'm not driving to New Haven.  We're making Alex do that.
Like I said... No news day.  
Yet you read this anyway.

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