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Monday, July 18, 2011

Accurate Accounts

It was one hell of a Monday at Nanepashemet Telecom.  A computer glitch caused me to lose a major file and I had to reconstruct.  Luclily, there is a lot of redundancy in what we do.  There are financial tracking files, project milestone tracking files, and in the Cloud accounting files.... all of which look at our data from a different viewpoint.
So the reconstruction of a file is a nuisance and not a disaster.  In fact, it sometimes allows you to think of the status of an action in a different light.  So it is really a management exercise to reconstruct the file.
But the bottom line is to keep your accounting up to date.  Without accurate accounting information, you are the victim of your assumptions, and whims, and ultimately fears.  Did I say fear???? It goes without saying that a Mountain of a Man doesn't know the meaning of the word.  But I bring it up because ordinary Peeps like yourselves can actually project all sorts of bad situations in the absense of the right information.
At least, that's what I've heard.

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