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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Spilled Oil

I haven't told you how I feel about the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico yet.
That's because it's so hard to figure out what's going on after the Media rings the "Crisis" Bell.
And whatever you think of the Obama administration, you have to admit that they are a bit prone to exaggeration
Witness the recent Swine Flu pandemic, now that the government is dumping unused vaccine.
So when they say that this is an environmental disaster of epic proportions and that the crisis rivals the carnage of Hurricane Katrina..... I'm just not on board yet..... especially with news film of BO walking the beach and saying " These are the tar balls they are talking about."    Tar balls are not Katrina.
My favorite journalists on ABC News are all over this story.... Speaking with Passion.   The Governor's kid, Andrew Cuomo, pointed to some oil on some marsh grass tonight and said dramatically, "And when this is gone.... it's gone forever."   Ecologically and scientifically speaking, Andrew is dead wrong.  Nature has huge recuperative powers with this type of thing.
And Congressman Ed Markey, with his finger pointing and name calling..... all the while offering no solutions or alternatives.... well I guess that is Ed Markey for you.  He hasn't helped me to make up my mind either.  Plus I don't know why we are sitting back and asking British Petroleum to solve this.  Just because they have financial liability, it's the American Homeland that is supposedly under siege.
I'm pretty sure that there will be some ecological and economic damage out of this.  And my heart goes out to the people who live and work on that shore and are so frightened by the uncertainty.  But, just as we avoided the massive pandemic of the swine flu, maybe this too shall pass.

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