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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Philanthropy and Blasphemy

Busy evening yesterday.
Early on, I had to support my old friend, Harvey Rowe, by attending the silent auction at the Boston Yacht Club for the benefit of My Brother's Table.   Consumed quite a few oysters on the half shell and bacon wrapped scallops to demonstrate my committment to the cause.
Then over to Tyler and Liz Gill's annual Christmas Party, where Sandy Greenlaw made a revolting suggestion.  Normally I find Sandy to be an intelligent and engaging conversationalist, but she really went over the line this time.
Mentioning the Blog, which is always a poignant and relevant topic, Sandy said that she supported my position on Al Gore, but felt that I should lessen my allegiance to Sarah Palin.
Have you FREAKING FLIPPED Sandy????
I never lost my cool, and other party goers had no idea how extremely agitated and pertubed I was as her comment was absorbed.   A Mountain of a Man like me can't freak out every time a Peep utters a blasphemous remark.
Just so you know, Sandy, Sarah is still sizzling hot, and I could never be swayed against her.

Sandy Greenlaw Said....
Okay ... I got up this morning and looked at all the global warming piled up in my driveway and sidewalk ... not a problem ... we agree. But, puh-LEEZ .... you really admire a pair of stiletto heels, a couple of winks, and a "you bethcha"? Boy, am I disappointed!!

Like I said Sandy.... Sarah is sizzling HOTTTTT!  (And I wasn't even thinking about the heels.  Thanks for bringing that up!)

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