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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Book Signing

I'm thinking of starting a policy of not publishing any comments that are sent by "Anonymous".  If you don't have the balls to sign your name, you don't deserve to be published in a high class blog like this one.  I don't even care if you come up with a fictitious name, I just will can you if you decide to call yourself  "Anonymous". 
It pisses me off.... ok????  And I don't get pissed off that easy.
I took the time to attend the book signing of William Bulger's James Michael Curley book tonight at the Boston Public Library.  Mr. Bulger looked very sharp and robust... like he could easily take on the phonies at the Boston Globe or the Mitt Romney gang tomorrow morning.   He signed a couple of books that I will give out for Christmas presents.  In one, he wished  the recipient a  "Merry Christmas"  in Greek.
I think that's why he aggravated the Liberal Elite so much.  They wanted to finger him as a thug from South Boston, but there aren't too many thugs who can understand Greek and Latin fluently.  He outsmarted them because he was smarter than them.
Maybe guys like Billy Bulger and Tommy McGee are a dying breed.   They were all about helping people and getting stuff done without kissing up to pseudo intellectuals in the media.   Dukakis ran for President and ran the Massachusetts economy into the ground and Bulger and McGee were left to steady the ship with virtually no recognition.
It's sad to see guys like this fade into the background.. But then again, the Boston Globe seems to be on its last legs too.

Jill Phillips said...
I told Katelyn to tell you to come over for our dinner party, I live a few blocks from the public library:(

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  1. Jill Phillips10:39 PM

    I told Katelyn to tell you to come over for our dinner party, I live a few blocks from the public library:(


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