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Sunday, August 23, 2009


President Obama is down at Martha's Vineyard taking a well deserved vacation.
I hope he has good weather. I had originally picked this week to take off, but the events of the summer has shifted this off. Maybe some half days and some extra fishing this week, but other than that, I have to keep my hand in the game.
Vacations are a pain anyway. When I take one, I truly "vacate" and lose touch with the pulse of whatever I have on the table. Then when I come back, the re-entry is very stressful. Little issues that normally are handled easily pose a lot more effort than usual. So I prefer not to completely vacate.
I'm sure that the President doesn't have that luxury either.
I do plan to escape to Paris or Rome in the not too distant future though for a week or so. I've never been to Europe, but the Peeps there deserve a personal appearance.