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Monday, March 24, 2008

Ups and Downs

I haven't mentioned it but Isabelle our cat is not doing so well. She has become very weak and shaky and can't go up the stairs.... only down.
And for some reason, she insists on going down into the basement, then cries until someone (i.e. Me) goes down and carries her up the stairs.
It's sad when your pets get old, their life expectancy is so much shorter than ours, and they become so much of your life.
So today, the first half warm sunny day in a while, Joanne let Izzy out on the deck for awhile, and naturally she wandered off. I failed to mention that she is deaf as well, and can't hear anybody calling her.
When we couldn't find her for a couple of hours, I had all sorts of fantasies, like she got scooped up by the Red Tailed Hawk that was on Tommy O Shea's front lawn and other panicky stuff like that. It was pretty depressing.
Then she showed up at the basement door. I was relieved and happy.
It got me thinking. Do we need to be depressed and unhappy in order to feel joy and happiness? Now I'm depressed again.

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