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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Wonder

It's a crystal clear Saturday, but only in the thirties. You want to be out in the yard and the garage, but it's just not comfortable enough. This would have been a good weekend to head up north and catch the last of the XC ski season, but no.... Joanne has a chance to babysit grandson, Will, and that takes freaking precedence over everything.
She's even started to nag me about the toy chest that I said I would build for Will's birthday in June.
Maybe I'll brave the cold in the garage and pick out the stock for the chest. I have some 3/4" oak and mahoghany, and the contrasting colors of those two woods can accent the piece nicely.
And I have some serious weekend work to do for Nanepashemet Telecom invoicing.
When we get the first warm weekend, I have to get the power washer out and hit the deck and the Tender. The Tender needs a resanding and another coat of varnish, then I'll launch it for a spring row and test the battery operated fish finder.
Plus I have to get some serious miles in on the Cybex Bike for my preliminary Marine Corps Marathon training. The insidious Wojcik and my Archrival Collins have sent emails this week gloating in their training progress. Granted.... they're ahead of me.... but I have time and deep inner strength on my side.
I'm starting to overload.

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  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    See if you can make a toychest, that does not let the top come slamming down when it is open. Ethan has a antique toy chest and when he opens it the top rarely stays up, and he has been hit so many times. Now he does not go near the thing. It is very nice, real wood, but a accident waiting to happen. Any advice?? Lauren Rathbone


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