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Friday, February 22, 2008

Pandering Priorities

I thought that the Navy missile destroying the satellite in space was big news. A huge technological and engineering success. With its load of toxic chemicals, the satellite represented a serious threat.

-- "Pentagon officials said they think a Navy missile scored a direct hit on the fuel tank of an errant spy satellite late Wednesday, eliminating a toxic threat to people on Earth."

It was a big story.
Larger that Roger Clemens and his wife on steroids.
Larger that Senator McCain having the hots for a lobbyist.
Larger than Barach Obama plagiarizing Gov. Duval
Larger than Manny Ramirez in Spring training.
But the news channels had it as a virtual asterist.... there's no doubt that many of you ill-informed Peeps didn't hear about it at all. But you heard about the other stuff I mentioned, didn't you?
I suppose that I should moralize here that this society doesn't have it's priorities straight, that it panders to emotional gossip, that it enjoys our weaknesses and frailties more than our accomplishments.
But I won't.... People don't want to see that shit on the Blog.

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