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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Basement Marathon Start

Joanne has the itches to get the basement in order.
The spirit really doesn't move me today, but I agree that it has to get done.
I have to set the Nordic Track Treadmill back up down there, for when I migrate from the Cybex Bike and actually start running. But that won't happen for at least another month, when I will have shed another 10 lbs. or so. The treadmill has a lot of bounce and gives my weighted body a better introduction to the pounding of running before I head out onto the streets for serious mileage.
The key to getting to the Marine Corps Marathon next fall is to remain injury free. That means that I have to get into shape in order to get into shape. Patiently stay on the stationary bike until my weight drops, then migrate onto the low impact treadmill. By May or June, I'll be ready for the jolt of paved roads, and that gives me plenty of time to put the Marathon training mileage in by the end of October.
I seriously don't plan to beat Towne, but I will annihilate any of you other pretenders who decide to take the challenge. Especially my ArchRival, Joe Collins.
Mike Nestor is considering making the commitment, and I haven't made the pitch to Katelyn, Ryan and Courtney yet. I fully expect the Crawford Brothers to engage now that they have recovered from their humiliating defeat by the Kenyan at Boston last year.
I'm thinking that I'll have to order about 50 - 100 Nanepashemet Peeps Marathon Shirts to meet the demand for participants and their significant others.
I'm not winning the carbs battle though. How the hell do you expect me to give up pasta and bread??? That's worse torture than water boarding.
The key to getting the basement in order will be to take it in small steps, so that it doesn't appear to be overwhelming and doesn't cut into my other obligations. Katelyn said that she would help me, but the last time I checked the weather report, Hell wasn't freezing over.

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