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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cost Savings

Today, I had to get some Zoning Drawings printed for delivery to a law office in Gloucester, and I thought that I could save a little money by printing them on the Rockett's Design Jet.
Rick Rockett was nice to let me use the printer, but after two hours, mucking around with a printer driver problem, I went to the Staples in Swampscott. They sent me to the store in Beverly, which was staffed by an absolute buffoon. A very valuable Staples employee. She told me that each sheet would take 15 minutes to print, and had a lot of attitude to go with it. So much for Staples. I couldn't stomach dealing with her, so I jumped onto 128 and went down to Charette in Woburn... which I should have done at the beginning of the day.
Charette charged 50 bucks for 4 drawing sets on 24"x36" architectural sheets. I was in Gloucester 40 minutes later.
That's going to be standard procedure in the future. Bring it to the pros, pay the fee, get on with the day. Trying to save money can get very expensive.

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