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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Only Human

You're starting to make me nervous.
This Blog is not religious dogma, it is not from the United States Code of Federal Regulations, it is not a tablet from Mount Sinai.... it is only the Nanepashemet Blog.
That means it is the ramblings of a middle aged, slightly overweight, Irish American white guy who has been known to be loud and obnoxious in public and doesn't dress particularly well.
Sure, I'm rough, tough, hard to bluff and damn good looking, but that is beside the point.
Even with my wireless, tech savvy PMP professional status, and my expertise in cedar strip boatbuilding.... I'm just a man who is not that much better that you.
So.... please do not send me anymore money in the mail and stop emailing me with your anguished pleas for advice with your personal and professional life. (I will, however, continue to accept bottles of Lagavulin with appropriate gratitude.)
There is only so much responsibility that I can bear in trying to eliminate evil from this earthly dimension.
I'm trying the best that I can, but you really have to try and learn to get along without my intercession.

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