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Friday, May 04, 2007

Back Off

So I'm cruising along today, minding my own business, taking a day off from work for the most part to grout basement tiles and attend to the tender seats. No aggressiveness, no anxiety, just keeping rhythm with the Universe.
When POW!!! I get blindsided right when I didn't expect it.
First - a voicemail from one of my most trusted Peeps saying that the Blog has been "lame" lately.
Then - an email from one of the most loyal Nanepashemet Bloggers and a recent POTW asking me where I "buy my birdseed".
How would you react? It naturally jolted me out of my state of cosmic harmony, just as I was started to get really mellow.
But rather than shy away from the controversy, I'm taking them on, in order, and setting them damn straight.
As for the Blog being lame lately... it has always been lame, and it is not my fault if you are just now noticing. And where I buy my birdseed is personal and confidential. Find your own sources. What do you think this is??? A repository for birdseed junkies???
Think twice before you try to derail me the next time!

1 comment:

  1. Charlie4:55 PM

    Like the Viet Cong, the tactic is to probe your defenses, feigning force, make ourselves appear small where we are strong, and strike at the soft underbelly. Victory is mine !!


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