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Monday, January 09, 2017

Peep of the Year - 2017

So in the last day or so, both wife, Joanne and Daughter-in-Law Kim have asked about the POTY selection for the year 2017.

I admit that I am a little tardy in making this annual momentous announcement, but it is for a good reason and falls appropriately in the Cosmic Plan that the Nanepashemet Blog chronicles from time to time.

Tom McMahon ~ 2007
Lauren Rathbone ~ 2008
Michael "Murph" Murphy ~ 2009
Jeremy Johnson ~ 2010
Tommy O'Shea ~ 2011
Kerry D'Orio ~ 2012
Brady Boyle ~ 2013
Kim Nestor ~ 2014
Pam Nestor ~ 2015
Nathaniel Clarke ~ 2016

These ten individuals all wear the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year (POTY) crown.

Each has had his or her life profoundly changed over the course of their reign.

Some will argue that the Peep of the Year designation has metaphysical power of cosmic proportions.  This  view is pretentious, preposterous, and prone to extreme exaggeration.  And I wouldn't even mention it here if it wasn't for the unfortunate circumstance that I, as your MOAM, harbor the exact same conviction.

How else can you explain the powerful undertow that propels these POTY's in confronting their Karmic Challenges..... each and every freaking day since attaining the ultimate Peep of the Year Plateau?

And now... in 2017.... we come to number Eleven.

Eleven is a very important number to those who dabble in Numerology.   It signifies an awakening of awareness in our true potential.  This Eleventh POTY is a designation that has required a great deal of thought, meditation, and solemn deliberation.

So don't be giving me a lot of WTF style backtalk about the how and the why.... For the last ten years, I have been explaining that the ritual of the choice methodology can never be revealed.... and this stipulation will not be pierced this year.... even if it is the Eleventh POTY.

NANEPASHEMET PEEP OF THE YEAR 2017 .... Christopher Crawford.

Congratulations/Condolences Chris.  For better or for worse, your life has forever changed.

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