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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Nanepashemet Peeps of all religions, races, nationalities, and sexes.

Have I covered it all?

I Hope So.

To all my Liberal Friends who think that 2016 was such a terrible year.... well.... just turn that frown upside down.   Donald Trump will someday be hailed as one of the truly great American Presidents.... able to pull all groups together as one American Nation.

I know that many of you will call me names, and raise some incantations against me regarding this, but it is my true belief, and I'm not going to get all Phucking Politically Correct as you get carried kicking and screaming to the Promised Land.

Face it.  BO was a narcissist divider ideologue.   H was a self serving manipulator.   The Donald is a Billionaire who has put it all on the line to lead this country to a better situation.

I know that he scares a lot of you, because he doesn't pander to your whims and petty outrages.   But in time, you will benefit regardless.  His economic policies will raise all boats, and his truthful outlook will press our country forward rather than prattle from side to side.  The US will stop the slide to mediocrity under his watch.

So, you don't have a panderer, telling you what you want to hear.   You will be better for it.

Hopefully, Liberals will come back from the level of intolerance and close mindedness that we see today.  Maybe they will allow people to actually disagree with them without calling them racists, Nazi's, sexists and worse.    But sticks and stones Baby.  Insult people and name names all you want.  Their intolerance is their loss as they become more and more irrelevant in their perceived outrages and manufactured issues

The country elected Trump because the Heartland is done with the elitist Bullshit.

But I'm getting away from my Main Point.

Happy New Year!

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