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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Day Two - Going for Gopher

It's Day Two of me trying to stay out of the Facebook Political POTUS Fray.

Day One was tough as Teddy Gautreault sucked me in with a taunt about a Harvard non-endorsement of Trump.  C'mon Ted.  Are you trying to tell me that Harvard kids are wicked smaaat or something?  I would hire a kid from UMASS or Northeastern in a heartbeat over those elitist cupcakes.

I wish I didn't succumb to Ted's trap, but I resisted  all others... including posts from the cunning Jim Lundgren who has lately been on a Trump rant.

And, It's pretty tough when I continue to watch ABC News, which is such a detrimental habit.  Is it political if I say that ABC SUCKS????  I guess I don't care if it is or not.  There is a specia lplace in Hell for the propagandists of the Main Stream Media who would rather herd sheep than accurately report the news.

But I digress.... and rather obsessively so.

Now for the original topic of this pathetic post....

There is a mystery going on outside with the Aquaponics project.  Fully fifty gallons of water continue to be missing from the system every night, with the fish tank sometimes only a quarter full.  You would think that fifty gallons would leave a trace, but no discernable leaks or drips are coming from the undersides of any of the grow beds, fish tank or swirl filter.

WTF is going on?????

Seems like the water is disappearing into thin air.... which is my only current conclusion since the summer has been so dry here on the North Shore of Boston.

And a critter has attacked the grow beds rather aggressively.... destroying the zucchini, chomping all of the kale, eating green tomatoes and devouring squash and sweet potato leaves.

My Friend, Christos Laganos has an electrified fence around his garden as well as a Kurt Schilling scare crow.   I would probably electrocute myself if I followed his lead.  Have spread coffee grounds around the perimeter of the beds but I not sure how effective this is.

I'm glad I am not depending on the success of this crop to live.  So far, we have enjoyed a couple of cucumbers, one zucchini, some tomatoes and peppers, but so bounty for sure.  Native Americans who farmed this Marblehead peninsular planted hills of corn interspersed with beans and squash.   They must have placed sentries on a 24 hour basis to keep the critters out.

By the look of the tracks on my deck stairs, the culprit is either a raccoon or the gopher that I have seen from time to time.

And I think that the critter has been terrorizing the poor fish in the tank, because some mornings, they cheerily emerge to be fed, and other times they cower in the corner of the tank.

The growbeds will have to have cold frame type polycarbonate covers constructed for the winter months anyway, so maybe I can fend this problem off in future growing seasons by covering the beds in the evening.

Anyway.....If you see me wearing a stylish fur hat around Old Town, you'll know that I have solved the problem in the short term.

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