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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Backing Off of the Diatribe

It's clear to this MOAM as a political pundit, that Trump and Clinton will be nominated to run for President from the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Both are flawed. Our choice is to pick the less flawed.

I'm backing off of this diatribe for awhile.

This Blog is too important to be bogged down in one subject for a long time, and I am guilty as your MOAM of being a bit too absorbed in the POTUS Political Intrigue.  Plus I have to rev things up at Nanepashemet Telecom as well as pay attention to the solar power initiatives that will come to the forefront as we approach spring and summer.

So today, my focus is to get another coat of poly on the bathroom cabinet, and goad the City of Boston into issuing some more permits to Nanepashemet Telecom.  All of the components for my solar powered kayak catamaran are now in hand as I received a 100 watt flexible panel from Amazon yesterday.  This project takes center stage as soon as the Bathroom Cabinet is delivered from the Peabody shop.

There are lots of things on tap... now taking the place exhorting you not to vote for a criminal as your POTUS.  If you haven't come to that conclusion by now, then I will leave your to "BAA" with your fellow Sheep.

Time to get back on the High Road and leave the propaganda to ABC and Fox News.

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