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Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino Scores

Tragedy in San Bernardino,

Many of you have clamored me to spill out the thoughts of the MOAM on the unspeakable events in San Bernardino.

You've probably heard this stuff before, but it bears repeating.

Our POTUS immediately jumps to his theme of gun control.  Leftys like Obama and Hillary always want to take our rights and guns away.  Fascists always disarm the populace  BO gives a pass to Muslim Jihad..... let's not draw conclusions here.  Just because these suspects are Muslims and armed to the teeth, the Prez preaches to his herd that this is an unfortunate coincidence.

But, It is definitely a problem that these "workplace violence" Islamic perps had so much ordinance. Although it's also too bad that their victims had no arms.

When Syed Farook and his wife open fired on unarmed meeting attendees, the score was ....
SCUMBAG Terrorists               14
Good guys w/o guns                    0

When Fucking Farook met up with armed police the score was....
SCUMBAG Terrorists                   0
Good guys with guns                     2

Game, Set, Match, good guys with guns.

At this time, in our civilized society, it is highly recommended that a good portion of us should lawfully carry concealed weapons.

And until we get some leadership that are on the Good Guys side and stop calling this attack by SCUMBAG Terrorists as "Workplace Violence", we are driving blind.

BTW, the San Bernardino Police Department seems to be a badass organization and they did a hell of a job pinning down  Phucking Farook and his stupid wife.

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