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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

205 to go.

With 205 days to go, I have lost 8 lbs, since this healthy eating and exercise regime began two days before New Year's Day.  It's not praiseworthy, because those pounds were way over the top for me.... to the point where my already fat boy pants were really uncomfortable.  I'm technically ahead of schedule to meet the goal weight, although this rate of loss will surely decline drastically,

But now the pants feel fine....  and I have brought the belt in a notch...even though I freely realize that my pants are indeed fat boy pants that I have to discard in short order.
I basically have only missed one day of getting a good 45 minute burn on Cybex daily.

That happened yesterday when I really felt like crap.... although most of it was undoubtedly rat race work related.

Changes that I have made to date include drinking a 12 oz glass of water as soon as I awake in the morning, and making sure that I down a Mason Jar 12 oz glass at least four times during the work day.

I have also taken conscious note of everything that I put in my mouth, and question if I really need to eat.  Granted..... sometimes when the answers are that the couple crackers, or piece of cheese are not necessary .....I eat them anyway.   But I think that the process keeps me from eating the volume that I formerly would eat without a thought.

And the vigorous 45 minute sweat sessions on the Cybex have the added effect of curbing my appetite.  Plus you feel so good after you're done.

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