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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ryan and Kim Got Married

It was another  wedding spectacular last night as Ryan Nestor tied the knot with Kim Hause at a Crocker Park harborside ceremony conducted by Reverend for a Day, Tyler Gill.  Chad Raleigh played the acoustical background guitar.

After the outdoor ceremony held in perfect weather, the party walked next door to the Boston Yacht Club, and the venue didn't disappoint with great food and a killer band.  Chad sat in for lead guitar a couple times and ripped the place apart with his tremendous musical ability.  I doubt that the staid old BYC has witnessed that type of rock talent much in its stately history.

To this MOAM, the highlights were too numerous to mention, but I would have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable weddings that I have attended.  Ryan performed his Johnny B. Goode routine as well as ever, and the Dark and Stormies flowed like wine.

Johnny B. Goode Performance

It was nice to reconnect with many of  Ryan and Kim's friends who I have known since they were little kids.

The day was the culmination of a weird and totally unpredictable path that calls to the fact that everything happens for a reason, and everything ultimately happens for the best.  It's not up to us to evaluate or question God's plan too closely.... better just to trust and try to enjoy the ride.

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