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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nanepashemet Nod is Now Negated

Charlie Baker, Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, started to cry in the debate tonight as he related the story of a New Bedford fisherman who is seeing his fishing business flounder under federal regulations.

It was a genuine touching moment, but I wonder if this will be seen as a form of weakness in a leader.  Even your Mountain of a Man has shed a tear from time to time, and I am cognizant of the fact that there is no way to control this emotional reaction, but I fear that the political spin will be vicious with this one.

Generally, I felt that Baker looked tired and stressed during this debate, and he never regained a sense of composure after his weeping.   He still has the Nanepashemet Nod.... although I can't say the same for Seth Moulton, who is hosting Joe Biden in Lynn tomorrow and has emerged as a totally partisan Democrat.

I was looking for Seth to be a leader, but it seems that he is a follower of Liberal demagoguery.   Takes broad swipes at his opponent solely because his opponent is a Republican.... not because of a disagreement on the issues.   Stands next to phonies like Liz Warren, the despicable liar who claims to be a minority as an American Indian.  Sorry Seth.... I am so disappointed that you have become a Partisan Politician.  I had hoped that you would stand on your own two feet instead of filing in lockstep with the Herd.

Enjoy your time with Nancy Pelosi.  Nanepashemet Nod is Now Negated.

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