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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ceremonial Dish of the Nanepashemet Bash

It is the Eve of the Thanksgiving Eve Bash.
A high holy day in the ancient religion of Nanepashemetism.
We will be going to BJ's or Costco later this afternoon to gather cases of beer and handles of booze with which to conduct the sacred rituals.
As usual, no invitations have been issued, yet you will be vilified and scorned if you do not attend.
This year, we will not be firing up the turkey frier to make the coveted wings due to insurance issues, but we will have a kettle of oil on the stove in order to deep fry the White Trash Balls.
Unfortunately, the Political Correctness Police have issued a citation to this MOAM, insisting that the delicious orbs of crispy fried white dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.... cease to be called by their long term label as "White Trash Balls".  These are the same folks that are seeking to change the name of the "Washington Redskins" to the "DC Deficits", so I don't want to screw with them.
In honor, of SuperPeep Brian Butler, whose enthusiastic vigor for the tasty balls outshines all others, I have decided to rename  the traditional dish known as "White Trash Balls".
Henceforth, and from this day forward, the ceremonial dish of the Nanepashemet Thanksgiving Eve Bash is now to be known as "Brian Balls".
Crispy and sweet on the outside, with a satisfying and addictive interior consistency.... Brian Balls are sure to be a significant part of the Nanepashemet Legend for years to come.

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  1. One of the unfortunate side-effects of our increasingly global economy is that Nanepashemet Peeps are spread across the globe, making Bash attendance difficult for even the most loyal Peeps.

    Given these circumstances I propose that the MOAM arrange for a live 'Bash Cam' to be hosted on the Blog starting at Wed 5pm EST and concluding on Thurs morning at 5am EST. This time slot should allow distant Peeps to experience all aspects of the bash from JoJo serving up bacon wrapped scallops to McMahon puking off the balcony after 3 twisted teas.

    Doesn't seem like much to ask.

    - Nathaniel


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