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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blog Rambling and Rating

Peeps -
I just noticed that this pathetic Blog is rated number 13,151 in the world.  When my Blog was first rated a few years ago, it was in the 25,000 range, so we've been moving up. Considering that there are over 150 million in existence, I guess this rating is pretty good.

But I can't help but think what is so good about number 13,150  to be rated better than Nanepashemet.

Some of you have often asked why I write this Blog, but it really writes itself.  I have never struggled to get words on the page.... if they don't flow, I don't write.   There is no effort on my part and when I make an entry, it is usually when I am irritated about something and have to vent a little.... so the Blog helps me to blow off steam.

Often, after I make an entry, I marvel that I wrote so much because it doesn't seem to take any time at all.  The Blog is in it's eighth year, and over that time, I have irritated quite a few of you.  It has caused hysteria once or twice as well.

But it would be unfair if I didn't note that more than a few times, Peeps have thanked me and taken a little inspiration.   So it's a balance.

I've seen others come and go and I especially miss Doug Maxfield's "Waterman".  Doug is a talented writer, an insightful professional fisherman, and a funny guy but he abruptly stopped posting a year or so ago.  Must have his reasons, but I miss that one.   My friend, Harvey Rowe, also got the bug a while ago and has tailed off some.   Sarah Crawford's Blog is ongoing and entertaining and I check that from time to time.

I especially get a kick out of people who go out of their way on Facebook and other medium to tell me that this Blog sucks.   If you take time out of your life to read a Blog that sucks, then take more time to inform me.... what does that say about you???   I usually Block and Defriend losers who get too negative.   It's important to avoid people who try to bring you down.   There is no benefit in wrestling with a skunk, because even when you win, you always stink afterwards.

So Maybe pretty soon, I'll surpass number 13,150.... as it currently stands,  as long as I'm breathing, and the Internet is humming, this Blog is here to stay.

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