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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Streak Week

It's hard to believe that it was only 7 days ago when Jim Lundgren showed up in my driveway all winded on his bike while in the middle of a Beverly to Marblehead and back circuit. Jim's buffness and discipline was inspirational to say the least, and Monday late morning I decided to drag my sedentary, overweight, Irish-American advanced middle-aged carcass down the street in an attempted two mile jog.

The jog deteriorated into a waddle almost immediately. Seven days later, with the soreness and blisters to show for it, I have repeated this jog/waddle daily... to various grades of pain and humiliation.

I've had to endure the laughter of friends passing by, a bit of hooting and hollering, having firm hard body young females trot past wishing me a nice day, and a few other degrading and annoying incidents which I choose not to disclose here. But not once, have I flipped the Bird to any of these perpetrators. That should count for something....

Today, with my FB Friends as witnesses, I extend the Streak to 7 days in a row. There will be no mention of speed or Lbs. lost for the time being, because those things would probably get my ego in gear and cause me to step things up. Past track team glories can not be recalled at this crucial juncture as the need to take things slow and steady is paramount in an effort to avoid blowing out a knee, or pulling a calf muscle.

I appreciate all of the likes and comments I've received and I'm not even pissed at Lundgren. After all this is not my old college roommate, Robert Towne, running an off road ultra-marathon, or Grade and High School classmate, Christos Laganos, hiking the Appalachian Trail. This is a two mile Waddle/Jog, with a capital WAD.

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