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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Traitors for Hire

I get a kick out of the Obama administration being enraged over this little piseant traitor, Edward Snowden.

The real issue here is the incompetency of this administration.
How did they give an asshole like this complete clearance to top secret security information of our nation??????.  They paid aid this high school dropout six figures.  
Who did the background check? ... Who did the hiring????....
Those people should be prosecuted just as surely as this  misguided little Dink.
The Obama administration continues to amaze with it's lightweight incompetence.   They seem to be way over their head, and their first response is usually obfustication and lying.  Hilary Clinton is the poster child with a background that includes denying that her husband the President received a blowjob from an office intern by calling it a "Vast RightWing Conspiracy."

But back to the present... This little dipshit Snowden.  They focus the blame on the Moron, and ignore how the Moron was put in that position by their own stupidity.

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