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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Environmentally Policed

So we are out at Halfway Rock yesterday, fishing for bait and having a good time, when we are pulled over by the Environmental Police who needed to board.  Checked for registration, life preservers, flares, fire extinguishers and fishing licenses.  With seven people on board, we had only six life preservers, so they wrote us up with a $100 fine.
Even with floatable cushions.  We were short a few salt water fishing licenses and confessed this, yet we had two on board along with a lobstering permit.
So we absolutely met the spirit and intent of the laws that they were seeking to enforce and portrayed no public nuisance of threat whatsoever.   No other boats were in hearing range.
I guess we looked like we were having too much fun on a Saturday afternoon.  The nice officers spent about 20 minutes checking out our drivers licenses on the internet and writing the citation.
Land of the Free?   Give me a break.
Definitely Home of the Brave though.

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