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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

200,000 Hits

Sometime tomorrow, this Blog will be hit for the Two Hundred Thousandth Time.  As crazy as it sounds, this has some significance to a sentimental old MOAM like myself.
I mean, I'm not going to go all "Sally Field" on you, and start gushing  "You like me, You really like me."
Because I know that a certain amount of you don't.   Which is fine with me because it's right back at you from your's truly.
And I know some of the haters and disenchanted have contributed mightily to the 200k milestone. ....  Which is actually a burdensome thought.   Why waste time tormenting yourself by checking out this loathsome cyber rag?  Especially if I annoy you.   Some of you even hit it multiple times a day.  You know who you are ( and so do I, for the most part.)
But before you start another cycle of a couple thousand hits, you really should do some soul searching.  Look closely in the mirror and make an honest assessment of who is looking back at you.   It's never too late to stop lying to yourself, and when you do there is a chance that you could find some direction or a positive purpose.  And stop blaming others for all of the Bullshit that hits you everyday.   That image in the mirror is there to tell you that it is all you, and no one else.
Course the vast majority of  you Peeps who hit this Blog are cool dudes.  Rough, Tough, Hard to Bluff and Damn Good Lookin.   Like myself.  You know that we're all heading for a long dirt nap at the end of this run, so you don't take everything so seriously.   Because a hundred years from now, nobody will even know that you existed. 
So sit back and enjoy the ride that Mother Earth spins for you.  And every day will get a little easier.

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