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Monday, December 17, 2012

Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 380

At first I was moved at President Obama's speech in Newtown.  But then he said that "we haven't done enough" and "we must change".
Sorry Peeps.... that is classic Bullshit.  It is not our fault if lightning strikes.  And more people would die if you banned lightning rods because they attracted lightning.
I'm sure that a lot of people smarter than me could poke holes in this analogy, but my fear is that the knee jerk reaction of Obamanistas will be to try to take legal firearms away from law abiding citizens, when the reseach  shows that to defend ourselves, and lessen crime, more firearms, responsibly licensed, is the answer.
I'm all for banning automatic assault weapons - the guns with large bullet firing capacity that spray hundreds of rounds as the trigger is depressed.   Here in Massachusetts, and also in Connecticut, this is the case.   There is no need for this type of firepower in the public domain.
But I'm also in favor of arming responsible citizens with concealed handguns.  In Massachusetts, you can't have a magazine of more than seven rounds.   But this would have been enough to halt the mental case in Newtown.
Somehow, I don't think that our President had in mind that we must "change" by developing programs to insure that our citizens can defend themselves and their children.   I fear that he will call for measures that will make us more vulnerable and put our families in greater danger.
Brave teachers in Newtown put themselves in the line of fire to save their students.  Their only weapon was the flesh of their bodies.  What if just one of them had a Smith and Wesson BodyGuard 380 and knew how to use it responsibly?
We can't wish or legislate that sociopaths and criminals don't harm ourselves and our families.  Unfortunately, in this imperfect world, we have to take realistic measures.

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