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Friday, December 07, 2012

Chinese Take Out

It's Friday Night - Take Out Night
Feng Yang House is the Official Nanepashemet Chinese Take Out Restaurant of Nanepashemet.
So we'll be calling in an Orda Fo Nesta.

Feng Yang House
Orda Fo Nesta
Chicken Finga
 $                                    6.50
Crab Rangoon
 $                                    5.75
Peking Ravioli
 $                                    5.75
Spare Rib
 $                                    7.50
Po Fri Rice
 $                                    6.50
Chicken Wing
 $                                    6.25
General Gau Chicken
 $                                  10.95
Garlic Noodle
 $                                    5.75
 $                                  54.95

Pick up in 10 Minute.

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