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Friday, October 05, 2012

Snickering Indonesians

Before dinner tonight at the Dolphin Yacht Club with the Johnsons, we went over to Ryan's apartment where we met up with Brendt and Kerry (POTY) D'Orio.
Seems that Kerry has ordered some Yoga Pants from the Nanepashemet Clothing line and found them a little snug.
Damn those Indonesians!!!!!  I put some real American money into their apparel sweat shops, and this is the thanks I get.
I specifically told those SOB's to go generous with the threads and make these pants a little easier on the derrierre.
But these obstinate bastards get a huge kick out of the thought of American Women jamming their asses into pants that are just too damn tight.
Wouldn't you be pissed if you were me????
I swear to the Baby Jesus, if I have to fly to Jakarta, I will get these pants right. 
If Kerry thought they were cool, millions will follow and I can't afford a bunch of snickering Indonesians to cut into this profit margin.

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