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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not My American Dream

 Peeps -
You already know that I've given the Nanepashemet Nod to Mitt Romney for President.
And I've tried to tell you why.
But if a picture says a thousand words, then here's 2000 words why I just don't have the stomach for Barack Obama.
I don't want my President to prostrate himself to anybody else.... for any freaking reason.
He may feel that the United States has a tainted history.... and he may have some valid points.
Only that was yesterday, and pandering to other's culture, which is a lot more stained than ours, is demeaning to every American.   There is no culture that has not sinned or is superior to ours, and yet he lowers himself.
I want my President to stand up straight.  Obama may be the one bowing, but it will be us who get our Asses Kicked.
Obama's American Dream is not Mine.

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