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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Debate Outcome

Haven't I told you how out straight we are at Nanepashemet Telecom?  Working tireless for hours on end to fulfill the 4th quarter push?  Then why were so many of you constantly pestering me today... asking my opinion on who won the Brown v. Warren debate????
I don't have time to explain the obvious to you time after time, all day long.
It is my fervent hope that some of you can be weaned from this Blog someday and actually form your own feeble yet pathetic opinions.... and not lean on me for continual  insight into every political aspect of this exciting Senatorial contest.
And don't be baiting me with questions like whether it still bothers me that Warren claims she is a Native American (pc for Indian) and that her grandparents forced her mother and father to elope because of their hatred for the Red Man.  Liz should be credited for distancing herself from these racist relatives.
By all things Nanepashemet, Native Americans are inspirational to me, but I regret to say that they seem to lose their cache by the time that the blood is diluted to the 1/32 level that Warren claims to carry around.
I can't say who won the debate, but I can say that Elizabeth Warren is a liar, and liar's turn into losers.   Scratch that.... Scott kicked her lying ass.

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