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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bracing for the Storm

Politicians and the news media love hurricanes.  It makes people pay attention to them and they are happy to comply with  extensive exxageration.
I'm sure that Hurricane Sandy will impact some people.  But, Gov. Deval Patrick, as he has been prone to do in the past, has already declared a state of emergency two days before the first cloud has showed up. 
Plus, this gives politicians like Patrick and Mayor Mennino, the chance to advise us to do stuff that we never would have thought of by ourself, such as stockpile batteries and take care of our pets.   If  I didn't hear this for real, I wouldn't have included it in this pathetic post.
I was in the Blizzard of 78,  the Perfect Storm of 1991 and El Nino while I was in California in in 97-98 and saw plenty of damage.  But the disasters that these politicians make proclamations of.... always seem to come up short.  Even those storms seemed to actually impact a very small amount of people.
Lots of snow, wind or rain, some high tides and flooding, but quite a bit short of Armageddon.
So we'll batten down the hatches and live though another of Governor Deval's State of Emergency storms.

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