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Friday, March 23, 2012

Sorry in Advance

This is going to come as a total shock to you....
But I have a real weakness.
I try to be easy going and accomodating to people, but if I think I am being taken for granted...and then taken advantage of.... I turn into a real prick. 
Like a take no prisoners... prick.
Like a spare no expense, who gives a shit... prick.
Like a tenacious, never give up, balls to the walls... prick.
Like a non-stop, full speed til it's done.... prick.
Like a whatever name you want to call me, you're probably right , but I could care less ... prick.
Plus... like the stupid Irishman that I am... after it's all over, I still carry the grudge... prick.
Just ask the folks that I have worked with.   Half of them like me, and the other half thinks  I'm a real prick.

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