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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Path Not Taken

Ran into my old friend. Atty. Tom Egan yesterday.
Tom was one of my lawyers skatey-eight years ago when I was the Executive Director of the Lynn Housing Authority.  Our paths have intertwined many times since then, and I'm always amazed at the tremendous memory that Tom has of those days which now seem so long ago.
My route has been pretty circuitous since those old Housing Authority days, but Tom seems to have kept the course pretty steady in the property management field, and is really on his game.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed in real estate... after the public housing stint, I had a great position as Executive VP of Crowninshield Management....but I set sail out of the safe harbors.
You can't look back.  Doesn't do you an ounce of good.

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