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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Culinary Kudo

One of the problems of being a Mountain of a Man with multiple skill sets is that it's hard to be humble.  Lucky for me that one of my superior abilities is deep seated humility.
So naturally, you don't often hear about how good I am at ordinary stuff like cooking.
Because Joanne is such a good cook... and insists on watching all of those lame cooking shows, and collecting cook books from all of the egomaniacal cooking stars.... I have generally backed off from bragging about my prowness in the culinary area.
But suffice it to say... I am a freaking great cook.
And I'm not just talking about the Buffalo Wings and White Trash Balls that we serve up for the Night before Thanksgiving Bash.
Like today for instance, I whipped up some homemade dough in the Cuisinart to use for pizza while watching the NFL Playoffs, then topped it off with some pecan shortbread cookies which were nothing short of freaking spectacular.
The Pizza was the balls too.
I hope Denver wins.

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