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Monday, September 05, 2011

Random or Karma

I was up in North Conway this weekend, and happened to be pedaling my Iron Horse Mountain Bike past the next building when I found my old Boss Ed Calnan standing on the front deck.   Calnan hired me when he was the Community Development Director in Lynn and was my first business mentor. (I have two - he and Peter Lojko).
When I think of a mentor, I think of people who have become templates for your behavior.  When you confront a situation, you end up asking yourself, "What would Ed or Peter do or say in this predicament?"
I once had a boss named Dick Scott who announced to me that it was his job to be my mentor.   Dick was an asshole for many reasons and this was just the tip of the iceberg.    Don't tell me that you are my mentor... I do the choosing, and you have nothing frigging to do about it.
At any rate, it was weird to see that Ed had bought a unit in the same complex as our condo which we bought nineteen years ago.   How random is that?
On second thought, maybe it is not random at all.  Maybe it is karmic.

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