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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pronouncing Cancun

The other day, I heard Obama mispronoucing on an ethnic basis the names of some places... like Cancun and Copenhagen.   Here he is, talking along with his faithful teleprompter, when all of a sudden he veers into some ethic accent when he mentions these places.
Turned me right off.
The French call their city "Paree"... but we Americans call it  "Paris".   As long as I'm an American from Boston, I'll continue to call it "Paris".
You hear a lot of this phoney pronunciation from people on National Public Radio and other liberal media outlets.   It always has some sort of elitist twinge to it.
Sorry but I miss Bush butchering the language. At least he didn't overpronouce stuff on purpose. Natalie Jacobson on Channel 5 used to be the worse. Give her a Latino name or Serbian town to pronouce and she was off to the races with her own ethnic version of the name. Techs at the station told me she was a real Jerk anyway.
Couldn't believe it when I heard Obama do the same thing.

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