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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mountain of a Man Reserves

Yesterday's "day off" was fruitful as I was able to hang all of the first phase moulding at the Sundance house.  Finished in plenty of time to have dinner with Dale and Gail Johnson at the Dolphin Yacht Club where their wayward attorney son, Jeremy, called his Mom to wish her a happy birthday... a day late.  As you know, Jeremy is a former Peep of the Year, and a world class lawyer who has carried the day in FreshAyer more than once, so he gets a pass in my book.   I'm sure that Gail will get over it too.

The moulding in the front hall is not done but that can qualify as a second phase once some other priorities are finished.   These include hallway drywall finish coats, painting and the tile backsplash of the kitchen counter.
It seems like a lot of work, but it all has to get done because I told Scuba Steve Lewis that the house would be ready when the bank appraiser showed up for our mortgage appraisal.
I can definitely sense your doubt and skepticism about the prospects of this happening.  But a Mountain of a Man doesn't let the lowly opinions of others dilute his march to accomplishment.  And I won't be letting Scuba Steve down after his yeoman effort of mortgage brokering.
So... I will have to draw on some MOAM and learn, Peeps.

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