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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gotcha George

George Stephanopoulos Sucks.
There... now I've said it.  I've just been watching his perceptive interview about history this morning..... Gotcha journalism against Michele Bachmann.  Man... is he threatened by a strong conservative woman or what???? 
He starts out by saying that "He doesn't want to wade into the "Flake" controversy."  Which is a backhanded smear on its own.   If he wanted to stay away from it, then why did he bring it up in the first place?
He must have gotten beat up by the bigger girls in junior high school every day growing up.  Guess what George ???.... you still are taking a beating.  Michele just kicked your ass.
When he's talking about Obama, you can almost see the bulge in his pants.   And his greatest moment was when he corrected BO when Obama spoke about his "Muslim Faith".  His bias for the Dems is overwhelming.
Joanne says that he doesn't bother her.   But I think that he sucks.  Button your shirt Asshole.

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