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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


The Bruins begin the Stanley Cup Champion Ice Hockey Series against the Vancouver Canucks tonight in Boston.   Mike has tickets but I think he might be on a sales trip.  It's always exciting when a Boston team plays for a championship.   We love our pro teams here.  
Plus the Canucks have a backup goalie named Cory Schneider, who is from Marblehead.   I remember him playing for Mike's High School Hockey team here when he was a Freshman, and followed his career as he excelled at Phillips Academy, Junior Hockey, and Boston College.  It will be an exciting series and a good reason to watch hockey in June.
BTW, doesn't the name "Canucks" seem a little politically incorrect?  I mean, if it was a Japanese team called the Tokyo "Gooks" or an Italian team called the Milan "Warps".... wouldn't you think there would be some raised eyebrows???? 
But apparently, Canadians are fine with being called "Canucks".   What would you call a Black Canadian hockey player anyway?... an African-Canadian?  It's easy to get confused these days as we temper our freedom of speech with political correctness.
I've actually been to Vancouver.  It's a beautiful  city in the Pacfic Northwest. with a strong Asian influence due to an influx of Chinese immigrants when Hong Kong was transitioning to Communist control.  Ate some great dim sum there... delicious Chink food.

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