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Monday, April 25, 2011

Dukan Deliverance

This is the first day of the Dukan Dient Attack Phase for Joanne and I.
That means we will be consuming all protein in the form of meat, eggs, and fish, and tying to strictly prohibit any fats or cahbohydrates.  The only exception is a tablespoon and a half of oat bran which we will eat as hot cereal or as a galette in the morning.  You have to work in a quart and a half of water, and diet soda can substitute.  And you should get a 20 minute walk in. 
Also.... no alcohol.  Last night, I had a Jameson or two after some white wine at dinner.  Then put the bottles way back in the kitchen cabinet.
Coffee and fat free skim milk is ok, as is Splenda, so our morning starts off like any other.  Yesterday, I ran down to Grace Oliver Beach and back for a two mile loop and my legs are sore after taking such a hiatus from running, so I'll so some cross training on the Cybex stationary bike.
My goal is to stay on this regime for the next ten days and lose 20 lbs as a jump start to getting down to my going forward weight.  I'll be weighing myself daily and telling you the result.  Not disclosing how much I weigh now, but suffice to say that I'm starting out at 14 lbs less than my all time high and will be looking to end up weighing more than 50 lbs less than here.
I can sense you snickering, and will not deny that I too have my doubts.... but I'm out there now, and this is the start.

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