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Monday, September 06, 2010

Shrine for Sale

It was a nice cool weekend and I took advantage of it by getting our Beverly Ave. house ready to be put on the market.   That mean't taking care of a few long term projects like trimming out the front door, shingling and painting the side of the garage, and repairing the cupola.  Joanne put a great dent in the work that we have to finish in the basement
I installed a really cool tuna copper weathervane on the garage that I bought last year in Bar Harbor.  I was waiting to install it when Ryan came home as some sort of a symbolic welcoming, but I thought that it could be a good selling point.... so up it went.
The Marblehead residential market is brisk, despite the national real estate doldrums, so I'm hopeful that this property sells reasonably fast.
There are some additional details to take care of, but I'll probably list the property next week.
I know that Beverly Ave. is a sacred Nanepashemet shrine, and I'm not a price gouger, so if you Peeps are of a mind to make me an offer, rest assured that I will give you a good deal.

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