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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Off the Wagon

Tommy O and Linda dropped by for an innocent cocktail last evening, and after my third Mount Gay and Coke Zero, I lost all of my self control and ordered Chinese from Feng Wah.
Completely off of the no carb wagon - especially with the garlic noodles and the pork fried rice.
Normally there would be extensive remorse and self loathing over this act of dietary weakness, but I had a very physically active morning yesterday... shoveling and spreading two yard of loam into the backyard and Beverly Ave. and doing four property showings.
Our Beverly Ave. property showed very well, and we have a hot prospect for the Sundance School site, so optimism prevails.   Since we got Beverly Ave so spiffy clean and organized, I think that it might be our preference to stay here, but I'm sure that when Khalsa Design architects have finished the plans for Sundance, that will be an exciting option too.
Crunch time will be when the offers start to appear, which might not be too long.
But it's back on the no carb regimen today.  I'll get my exercise in by pulling the lobster traps before the Patriots Game.

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