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Monday, August 02, 2010

Review of Hooked

I was starting to feel guilty because I hadn't been to Tina's restaurant, Hooked, even though Mike and Katelyn had brought us home a clam plate from there.  So during a lull today at lunchtime, I asked Joanne to call for some takeout.
Another brilliant move by the Mountain of a Man!
Joanne got the Spinach Salad with Shrimp.   I was a bit more diet and health conscious, so I ordered the Fried Haddock Sandwich.... with a side of Onion Rings..
My considered culinary opinion is that the food was Freaking Delicious and Wicked Good.
Joanne just kept making happy sounds as she bit into her shrimp, and I was wrestling with a huge piece of perfectly cooked haddock that wouldn't come close to fitting in the tasty roll.  Which is always a plus.  The rings were great too - not greasy and with cornmeal coating that let the onion come through.
When Tina was telling us about the place.... How you could hang around and have a beer or a glass of wine while you waited for your order... I was silent with polite skepticism.  Didn't initially buy into it.
But the place really pulls it off... if I ordered dinner for takeout, I would definitely come early and down a beer in the pleasant upscale surroundings at their sitdown ordering area (aka... bar.)
There is a good chance that Hooked gets named as a Nanepashemet Official Endorsement in the  Favorite Local Seafood Takeout category... but we have to wait for the statutory probationary period.

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