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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hell Fire Wish

So Nancy Pelosi is not only for the monument to glorify the destruction of the Twin Towers in 911.... ie the Mosque at Ground Zero.... she also wants "transparency" for anyone who funds the Mosque.
How can anybody vote for her?????   She is so freaking out of touch.
I'm sorry Peeps, but there are somethings that I just don't understand and I just can't explain.
I don't believe in Hell, but I'm starting to wish there was one so that Pelosi and her supporters could wallow in eternal agony.   Maybe she could pass as one of the 70 virgins that the Muslim Martyrs are entitled to.
Such an Asshole.
Ironically, everything to date so far indicates the chances of the Mosque being built in Manhattan are small because of the amateurish process followed by the Cordoba Group, the development arm.   So all this angst and vituperation has only served to turn a light on our nation's leaders, the President and the Speaker of the House.... highlighting their viewpoints and leadership ability.
So maybe the Mosque is good afterall.

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