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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fun Cycling

It would seem that threading a bike chain onto a Shimano Derailleur shouldn't be such a big deal.
Wrong Kemosabe.
If I didn't have Joanne's bike to use as a model, there would be no way that I could have figured it out.  Plus I naturally dropped a washer while doing the job on the second floor deck, so spent at least a half hour trying to find this which had lodged between the decking boards.
The good part is that the mechanism was very nicely engineered and I only needed metric allen wrenches to deal with any of the connections.
So I finally fixed the chain after about an hour, then took a 15 mile ride out towards Jackson and back.  The ride was freaking torture.  I kept thinking about the guy that I met in the parking lot who said that he was heading to Ossippi for a 60 Mile loop.   WTF!!!!!  How can I find this so challenging while every peckerhead around seems to be piling up 50 miles for fun and relaxation????
Plus, I am acutely saddle sore after this weekend thrust for biking fitness.

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