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Monday, June 21, 2010

Traps Set

Out of the ten traps that I had last year, I lost three and only three were ready to go into service today.   The other four need additional line and painted buoys.
Plus I have to head up to Gloucester to the Winchester Fishing Company on Washington Street which is the Lobster equipment supplier to replace the three lost traps with lines and buoys.
But three traps are out there... and I can't tell you where, but they're in a place that we pulled some nice lobsters last year.   The largest had me and Tommy O all psyched.  About five pounds of beautiful crustecean, but then it lifted its tail and it was covered in eggs.  A FEMALE!  
Since I abide by all laws and regulations, this beauty was set free.   Hopefully in a few years, I will be harvesting her offspring.

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