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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Master at Masts

The mast for the pram sailing rig is almost done.  
Three 3/4" thick, 2 1/4" wide 8' long boards were cut from a single piece of 1x8x14 clear spruce stock that was lying on the lumber rack for a couple of years.   The boards were then laminated with thickened West System, fast set epoxy, clamped, and left to dry overnight.
Then I cut the corners into an octogon with my bandsaw and sanded the corners to a rough curve with a spar sanding jig that I rigged up a while ago to use inverted sanding belts with a tensioning jig that is turned by my  25 year old, 1/2" Milwaukee drill.
I manually planed down the high spots with my Lie Neilsen Block Plane, which is easily the classiest tool that I own.  The final spar sanding was done with the heavy duty flap sander that I bought mail order from Grizzley when I used to be prone to irrational late night Internet tool ordering.   It's a damn nice flap sander though, and who knew that I'd be needing it for spar and oar fabrication at the time????
So with a little epoxy and varnish, the mast will be ready for line cleat hardware, and this Pram will be tested under sail.

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